The QUICK System


Welcome to the QUICK Experience.

The QUICK Platform was developed using over twenty years of research working with organizations from around the world of all sizes from all sectors in deploying Process Improvement Initiatives and Enterprise Operating Systems.

The QUICK Platform extension library continues to grow and evolve in partnership with academic and sector experts from across the globe.

Key discoveries from our research are that organizations which attempt to deploy static systems such as LEAN and Six Sigma across their organizations fail - and that organizations don't know which systems to follow.  While excellent results may be achieved in organizational areas suited for these systems, such as manufacturing, large portions of the organization are dissatisfied with the results achieved and feel disengaged.

The QUICK Platform seeks to harvest the value of existing Improvement and Operating Systems while dispensing with the elements which make them difficult and dissatisfying.

In essence, LEAN and Six Sigma are hard, but QUICK is easy.

Starting from a basic blueprint linked to universal values, organizations use the QUICK Platform to configure an overall structure responsive to the needs of their current and future business units.

The QUICK acronym emphasizes elements needed in a world-class organizational culture:

Applying QUICK

The QUICK Platform is adaptable in a way which supports both Process Improvement Initiatives and Enterprise Operating Systems.  How do these two concepts differ?

Integrating these two concepts helps to spread improved practices to all appropriate portions of the Enterprise as well as its value-stream partners.

Review the QUICK Engagement Model to get an idea of typical engagements.  Contact us to arrange a discussion on how QUICK may help your organization to accelerate your Journey to Excellence.

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The QUICK Evolution