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Planning for the world of tomorrow requires that we take our scientific understanding on the world of today and apply our own creativity - art - to select and test the best possible changes for the future.

In this area we highlight four domains related closely to how we may Imagine a better tomorrow:

Brainstorming & Benchmarking - Unleashing our own creative side through thinking differently, openly engaging the creativity of our teams, and getting ideas through looking at how others might address similar opportunities.

The Seven Wastes - A listing of areas that are accepted as things we shouldn't be doing - things that don't add value to our stakeholders. By focusing our creativity on the elimination of these wastes, we generate valuable plans to improve our future. The Seven Wastes we explore here can be remembered by the acronym: "MR WASTE" - standing for Motion, Rework, Waiting, Alignment, Storage, Travel, and Excess.

Prioritization/Decision Matrix - A comprehensive tool that helps us to compare the many creative ideas we have to choose from. This tool identifies the most valuable things to move forward. This tool helps us to ensure we always work on the most valuable things.

Force-Field Analysis - This tool encourages open discussion about how the world of today is driving us towards - or keeping us away from - our desired world of tomorrow. Use this tool to find ways to increase the power of helpful things and decrease the power of harmful things.

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